All About Tum2Mom


Janine Daniel works in partnership with Sister Elizabeth Beavon. Janine was inspired to launch Tum2Mom when she became a new mom in September 2008 and found very little local information about parenting. Janine has a BA Communications degree, majoring in Communications and Psychology. She has an honours degree in Public Relations and an honours degree in Psychology. She is passionate about writing, reading, pottery and organic gardening.

Sister Elizabeth Beavon has been Chloe's health care provider since birth. Janine approached her to become part of Tum2Mom. Elizabeth agreed and the rest is history. Sister Elizabeth Beavon worked as a midwife for many years before giving birth to her own boys, in 2001 and 2003. She now gives antenatal classes and runs her own Wellness Baby Clinic, and she is also a parenting coach, providing parents with guidance and support as they travel the path of parenthood.

Carmen Swart from Net Plus Solutions is the website designer and she does a sterling job. Carmen has been around computers since she was a child and would be completely lost without her computer. She runs her business with perfection in mind and makes sure the customer is proud of their website.

Nicole Imerman is a freelance writer and researcher. She makes sure that every "i" is dotted and that every "t" is crossed. Nicole loves reading, writing, poetry, going to theatre, movies and doing Biokinetics.