Shaken Baby Syndrome

A large number of child deaths are reported in South Africa each year. A lot of deaths relate to neglect, abuse or murder. Despite this, there's a knowledge gap in relation to understanding the issue....

Amniotic fluid problems

The importance of amniotic fluid Amniotic fluid is essential for pregnancy and foetal development. Amniotic fluid is a watery substances residing inside a casing called the amniotic membrane or sac. ...

Choosing a pre-school

Becoming a parent is a momentous; life-changing event filled with hopes, expectations and naturally some fears. Parents often learn and grow alongside their children, as they face the challenges of pa...

Newborn reflexes

Although newborn babies are physically helpless and vulnerable at birth, they have a number of amazing innate abilities or reflexes. Reflexes are involuntary movements or actions, designed to protect ...


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection. The word “mastitis” is derived from the Greek word “mastos” meaning “breasts”, while the suffix “-itis” denotes “inflammation”. Ma...

Pelvic floor exercises

Although your new baby will probably bring you immense emotional satisfaction, physically you may feel uncomfortable and strange in your own skin. After 9 months of pregnancy and hormonal changes, you...


Babies cry because they need to communicate something and most parents, especially new moms, find it distressing to see or hear an unhappy baby. In time, you will learn to recognize the various causes...

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are informative sessions provided to prepare expecting parents for the birth of their child and the early days of being a parent.Most antenatal classes are run by Midwives and occasi...


The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched on the 11 May 2011. It is a global declaration of war against road crashes and fatalities. According to Mr Sibusiso Ndebele, MP Minister of ...

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SNAP Fundraising for Autism - April 2013

Snap_LogoIn South Africa, one in every 88 children is affected by autism. Statistics show that the prevalence of autism has increased by 500% over the past five years, and that at least ten new cases are identified every week in the Western Cape alone. There are currently only six state-funded schools catering for children with autism in the entire country, and this means that thousands of children on the autism spectrum are not receiving the benefit of education intervention.

SNAP (Special Needs Adapted Programme) is a Durbanville, Cape Town based centre for children with special needs. They specialise mainly in autism and learning disabilities and are one of only a few organisations in South Africa offering this service. They provide intervention and home programmes in Gauteng and Bloemfontein and they offer training to professionals, teachers and parents.

This April, as for the past 5 years, SNAP will host a prestigious gala dinner to celebrate World Autism Month and raise much needed funds to intervene in the lives of children without means. The event will be MC'd by Marc Lottering, South African comedian, and there will be a charity auction to raise funds. The glamorous six-course dinner will include a wine pairing with exclusive wines sponsored by Nederburg Wines and will take place on the 19th of April 2013 at The President Hotel in Bantry Bay. Tickets are available at R1000 per person. The net proceeds of this donation are tax deductible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

If you are interested in sponsoring a price or purchasing a ticket, please contact Esmé Brink at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . To find out more about SNAP, visit their website at