January 2015 Editors Letter

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Happy New Year 2015Happy New Year!

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It is natural to feel some anticipation mixed with excitement when expecting another child. Your first-born has been the center of your family since birth and possibly perceives him or her as the center of the universe. How will he or she respond to the arrival of another baby and the difference in family dynamics?

If you prepare your child and help them understand their place in the family, the transition is likely to be smoother. How your child responds is partially dependent on their temperament. Children who are flexible and self-contained may adjust more easily. While those who are highly sensitive, may require more time in making the adjustment.

Some women develop Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in the year after pregnancy, and symptoms can increase after a baby is born. These facts lead researchers to believe that gender might play a role in the development and progression of RA. Many are trying to understand the effects female hormones might have in the development of RA. Currently, there are limited answers to these questions.

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