Shaken Baby Syndrome

A large number of child deaths are reported in South Africa each year. A lot of deaths relate to neglect, abuse or murder. Despite this, there's a knowledge gap in relation to understanding the issue....

Amniotic fluid problems

The importance of amniotic fluid Amniotic fluid is essential for pregnancy and foetal development. Amniotic fluid is a watery substances residing inside a casing called the amniotic membrane or sac. ...

Choosing a pre-school

Becoming a parent is a momentous; life-changing event filled with hopes, expectations and naturally some fears. Parents often learn and grow alongside their children, as they face the challenges of pa...

Newborn reflexes

Although newborn babies are physically helpless and vulnerable at birth, they have a number of amazing innate abilities or reflexes. Reflexes are involuntary movements or actions, designed to protect ...


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection. The word “mastitis” is derived from the Greek word “mastos” meaning “breasts”, while the suffix “-itis” denotes “inflammation”. Ma...

Pelvic floor exercises

Although your new baby will probably bring you immense emotional satisfaction, physically you may feel uncomfortable and strange in your own skin. After 9 months of pregnancy and hormonal changes, you...


Babies cry because they need to communicate something and most parents, especially new moms, find it distressing to see or hear an unhappy baby. In time, you will learn to recognize the various causes...

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are informative sessions provided to prepare expecting parents for the birth of their child and the early days of being a parent.Most antenatal classes are run by Midwives and occasi...


The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched on the 11 May 2011. It is a global declaration of war against road crashes and fatalities. According to Mr Sibusiso Ndebele, MP Minister of ...

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Notes from an Expectant Dad Part 1

From the creators of Breaking Stereotypes, and the Fun Side of Being Serious comes Notes from an Expectant Dad by Yashivan Govender

Part 1: The Basics

Becoming a father is no joke, you may plan in your head that children are a distant feature of your grownup life but when you are in your twenties, marriage and babies tend to be as distant as that long forgotten ambition of being a Power Ranger when you were five. However, the wonder of seeing your first ultrasound or hearing your babies heartbeat actually makes you believe in life again because lets be honest about ten minutes before you found out you were going to be a dad life was just one big adventurous board game!

So how does one prepare for the forth coming challenges of becoming a dad? Well in this guide we going to ease the impending dad in slowly…one step at a time and who knows you may just learn something, if not…you might just have a good laugh!

  • Step 1: Don’t freak out, the baby is not going to eat you! It may throw up on you but it won’t eat you.
  • Step 2: Make sure your partner has full support from you. Man up and don’t run away!
  • Step 3: Get the following book: Conception, Pregnancy & Birth: The Childbirth Bible for Today's Parents by Miriam Stoppard. It’s simple, easy and structured.
  • Step 4: Watch the following movies: Knocked up with Seth Rogen! , 3 Men and a Baby with Tom Selleck, Life as we know it, And finally just to know where you are going, watch Father of the Bride Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Step 5: Start shopping for baby gear, you are going to need everything imaginable and if its not been made already then build or make it yourself! Worst case scenario find your nearest Ikea or equivalent (Baby City) and head for their baby department ASAP.
  • Step 6: Finally, listen to your partner, because as a lad becoming a dad you really don’t know more than she does - even if you think you do!!

There, you have the basics sorted! Next part, visiting the gynaecologist, why talking to a belly isn’t that odd and getting ready for the big arrival!