Shaken Baby Syndrome

A large number of child deaths are reported in South Africa each year. A lot of deaths relate to neglect, abuse or murder. Despite this, there's a knowledge gap in relation to understanding the issue....

Amniotic fluid problems

The importance of amniotic fluid Amniotic fluid is essential for pregnancy and foetal development. Amniotic fluid is a watery substances residing inside a casing called the amniotic membrane or sac. ...

Choosing a pre-school

Becoming a parent is a momentous; life-changing event filled with hopes, expectations and naturally some fears. Parents often learn and grow alongside their children, as they face the challenges of pa...

Newborn reflexes

Although newborn babies are physically helpless and vulnerable at birth, they have a number of amazing innate abilities or reflexes. Reflexes are involuntary movements or actions, designed to protect ...


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection. The word “mastitis” is derived from the Greek word “mastos” meaning “breasts”, while the suffix “-itis” denotes “inflammation”. Ma...

Pelvic floor exercises

Although your new baby will probably bring you immense emotional satisfaction, physically you may feel uncomfortable and strange in your own skin. After 9 months of pregnancy and hormonal changes, you...


Babies cry because they need to communicate something and most parents, especially new moms, find it distressing to see or hear an unhappy baby. In time, you will learn to recognize the various causes...

Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes are informative sessions provided to prepare expecting parents for the birth of their child and the early days of being a parent.Most antenatal classes are run by Midwives and occasi...


The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 was launched on the 11 May 2011. It is a global declaration of war against road crashes and fatalities. According to Mr Sibusiso Ndebele, MP Minister of ...

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1   Link   Between Talk
* A website for tweens (8-13 years of age) that provides a highly moderated chat forum, as well as online games and blogs.
* The aim of is to protect the safety and privacy of young people by encouraging parents to read the policy agreement, discuss internet safety with their children and monitor their online activity.
* is a G-rated site that does not tolerate the use of inappropriate words, phrases or pictures and does not allow the disclosure of any personal info, thus providing a safe social networking site for tweens.
2   Link   Fun Brain
* is an online educational games site for children of all ages; including games for maths, science, grammar, history and spelling.
* Kids love computer and video games and parents love it when games are educational too. Funbrain seeks to combine education with fun.
* Users can also compete with other players, read web books, comics and receive email notifications about new events, movies and video games.
3   Link   Brains Rule
* John Medina's Brainsrule is a multimedia project explaining how the brain works.
* The aim is to get kids excited about science.
* Brainsrule provides a set of free, online, mini games that educate the player about the human brain.
* Each game addresses a different component of the brain; e.g. neurons, anatomy, brain development, etc
4   Link   South African breast milk reserve
* The South African breast milk reserve manages 12 human milk banks and supplies donated breast milk (DBM) to over 30 hospital facilities in 6 provinces.
* The goal is to:
- Supply infants with safe pasteurized breast milk and therefore improve their
health and wellbeing.
- To empower women who are living in poverty or with HIV/AIDS, through
informed infant feeding choices.
* SABR ensures the fair and equal distribution of DBM, at no cost to the infant, forming an integral part of the infant high care environment.
* SABR creates awareness about the importance of breastfeeding in both premature and full term babies, as well as encouraging the use of Mothers-Own-Milk (MOM).
* SABR's initiative is based on the premise that breast milk is both nutritionally and immunologically superior to any other milk.
5   Link   Little Steps
* Little Steps was founded by Welma Lubbe, a registered nurse specializing in advanced midwifery, neonatal science and nursing education.
* While working in the NICU, she realized the difficulties parents of preterm babies face, when confronted with the simultaneous challenges of parenting and not being allowed to parent their own baby in the NICU.
* To provide South African parents, with preterm babies, with support, she started the Little Steps website, as well as parenting workshops and training for health care professionals about the preterm baby's development.
* The aim of the program is to:
- Help parents with the nerve racking experience of having a premature baby
and to provide them with assistance and support in caring for their child.
- It encourages parents to take on a parenting role from the day their baby is born.
- Provides information on how to care for and calm your baby, changing diapers,
feeding, etc.
- Knowledge about the common equipment and procedures in the NICU, that
help care for your baby.
- How to assist your baby in reaching the necessary milestones prior to
6   Link   South African Premature Baby Association
* The South African Premature Baby Association has closed down.
* Little Miracle Products and Services will now supply emotional support to parents and can be contacted on
* Little Miracles addresses the mixed and often fearful emotions of parents with premature babies; such as their fear of losing their baby, possible guilt over the baby being born to soon, the anxiety and stress over getting to know the NICU (medical terms, equipment, etc.), and most importantly their premature baby.
* Little Miracles encourages parents to seek emotional support from those who have travelled the same road; share experiences, photos, and knowledge about parenting a premature baby.
* Little Miracles provides perm chat email groups ( and an open Facebook group, to allow parents of preterm babies in South Africa to meet and discuss their fears, concerns and triumphs (
7   Link   Preemies Today
* Preemies today is the only preemie parent support group in the North Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. area, advocating the needs of families experiencing the traumatic event of premature birth.
* Preemies provides support through lectures, workshops, a newsletter and Facebook page, creating a network of families, both locally and internationally, to help, comfort and understand one another.
* Local support also includes; care packages, family outings, playgroups, etc.
* While remote support offers a toll free telephone line, online chat, email services and a brochure.
* Up to date information concerning preterm babies is gathered and provided to members, through a collaboration of parents, groups, healthcare providers, therapists and community resources.
* Contact preemies today on 1-888-712-3208 or Email:
8   Link   Preemie-L
Preemie-L provides resources for parents, whose children are born 6 weeks or more before their due date, in the form of:
- Preemie-L booklist and discussion forum where parents can share their
stories and concerns.
- Publishing online information and answering frequently answered questions.
- Trained parents offering one-on-one support through the mentors program.
- Encouraging development oriented, family centered care in the NICU.
- Encouraging hospitals to provide parents with outcome information, so that
parents can make informed decisions about their babies healthcare.
- Encourage research into the causes and consequences of prematurity.
- Conferences.
* Preemie-L provides a safety net for families, during a particularly difficult time; to listen to and reach out to one another, to share friendships and understanding, and to celebrate achievements and milestones.
9   Link   South African Paediatric Association
* The South African Paediatric Association cares for children, their families and the doctors that care for them.
* SAPA is open to all specialist paediatricians registered with the health professions council of South Africa.
* SAPA serves as an advocate for children's health issues and aims to promote the paediatric community by encouraging all paediatricians to join.
* SAPA provides information about and organizes conferences, congresses and courses.
* The website assists parents in finding a paediatrician in their area and offers useful information on childhood diseases, vaccinations, first aid, pregnancy, developmental problems, diet and other interesting links.
10   Link   Prematurity
* Provides online support, encouragement and articles for parents of premature babies, with a focus on the special needs of preemies and older preemies.
* The site covers topics such as; premature birth and delivery, surviving the NICU, preemie parenting and advocating your child.
* For parents of older preemies, the site allows them to share and celebrate the lives of their children born prematurely through preemie poems, artworks, stories, etc.
* Support groups for parents of preemies and school age preemies, are available through the website.
* A preemie child mailing list, provides support and information about the long term impacts of prematurity and how best to care for premature children, so that they can reach their full potential.
11   Link   SAMBA
* SAMBA was started in 1975 by Eleen Franklyn, originally under the name MOTA (Mothers of Twins Association).
* The primary aim was to promote understanding and assist in the development and rearing of twins, including those with disabilities, through a collaboration of parents, educators, doctors and other interested persons of appropriate experience.
* SAMBA organizes events, seminars, congresses, competitions and workshops, provides members with pamphlets and a bi-monthly newsletter, advertises handbooks on various topics related to twins/ higher multiples, sells t-shirts and stickers, and has a Facebook page.
* SAMBA invites parents and families of multiples to share their stories, photos, triumphs and challenges.
* Multiples themselves are welcome to share their advice, views and experiences with others.
* SAMBA can be contacted on 0861 432 432 or Email:
12   Link   Post Natal Support Depression Association
* Contact details of the Post Natal Support Depression Association:
Tel: 021 797 4498 Email:
* PNDSA creates awareness about post natal depression, in order to highlight that post natal depression does not discriminate on the basis of income level, social status, marital happiness, number of material possessions, the number of previous happy births, etc.- it can happen to us all.
* PNDSA provides information and support to women with post natal depression and their families, to ensure early detection, referral and effective treatment.
* The organization seeks to educate and create awareness and sensitivity in all professionals who may come into contact with women suffering from post natal depression.
* On a practical level, PNDSA provides telephone counseling, home and hospital visits, and group support to post natal depression sufferers, as well as distributing information and pamphlets, and giving conferences and lectures to professionals and the general public; to combat ignorance, intolerance and stigmas surrounding post natal depression.
* Preventing the possible neglect of children due to a mother's inability to effectively care for her child when depressed.
* Preventing any long term social, emotional or intellectual effects on a child's development, who has a mother suffering from post natal depression.
* Obtaining the support of partners and family members, to minimize the stress of untreated post natal depression and prevent the break down of marital relationships.
* PNDSA collaborates with other organizations concerned with the care, support and education of mothers during the ante- and post- natal periods.
13   Link   La Leche League
La Leche League (LLL) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organisation which provides information and support, primarily through personal help, to women who want to breastfeed their babies.
Our Name
La Leche (pronounced La-le-chay) is Spanish and means literally "the milk".
Mother To Mother
All LLL Leaders are mothers who have happily breastfed their own babies and who enjoy helping other mothers to do so. Fortunately most breastfeeding problems are not medical, and through their training with LLL, their contact with many nursing mothers, as well as their own experiences, LLL Leaders are usually able to offer practical solutions to any difficulties that may occur. LLL Leaders are available at any time to speak with a mother on the telephone.

LLL also provides information and support for women in special circumstances (blind mothers, babies with cleft palates, premature babies, multiple births, Down's Syndrome babies, and many others).